Movie Review : Breaking Dawn : Part 2

Breaking Dawn : Part 2

Rating – ***

I never went deep into the whole Twilight hysteria but you can see why it works. Apart from Robert Pattinson’s charms as pale-faced vampire Edward Cullen, Twilight features a weird world of vampires and werewolves in their spare time – with raging hormones everywhere.

That explains the lack of drama in the series finale, Breaking Dawn-Part 2. Edward and Bella are finally married, she’s a vampire now and they’ve done ‘it’ without either getting bitten to death – plus, they have a baby daughter and a home. The finale lacks life or zip. The plot features the Cullen family looking adoringly at new bloodsucker Bella shattering tree trunks with her hands, then clustering around her and baby Renesmee as the Vultari gets to know about the new one.
The latter have been misinformed that the child is an Immortal – an undying vampire that kills entire communities. Renesmee must be protected and all the Cullens’ family start to search for witnesses.
There’s potential for exciting drama here but Breaking Dawn: Part 2 fades before it even begins. As werewolf Jacob, Lautner tries injecting life and soul into the party – and obligingly takes his shirt off too – but with the rest of the cast really acting like zombies, his efforts don’t make much impact.
Twilight fans will undoubtedly watch the movie for the finale but it’s not a fitting end to such quintessentially American drama, all folklore and fantasy, sexiness and suburbia. As Breaking Dawn-Part 2 finally closes, you’re left wishing you’d been bitten so much harder. At the end you feel that you must also be one of them.

Mayank Pokharna


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