Build your GK

“It is the province of knowledge to speak and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen” the quote perhaps describes the importance of building up a GK better. Most of have to listen all the time coz we don’t have the knowledge and  being born in the era of competition all you need to have is a slight edge over others to decide whether you will be in or out & there is nothing better than having a good GK. A few tips on how to build up your GK:

Reading NewspapersDaily’

Reading newspaper daily is among most common ways to improve your GK but the thing where most of us miss out is not discussing or following the news you might have knowledge of fav. Club better than most as you both discuss it and follow it so next time you read news don’t forget to follow it and yell it out somewhere it will help remember the same and also to know more in case you have that sort of company.

Know your Output

This the place where most people miss out focus on what sort of GK you want to ave coz we just read  or watch it randomly just make a list of things you want to be in touch with and follow the same while reading or watching e. g.

National affairs
International affairs
Bilateral affairs

Famous personalities


Govt. policies


Books and authors 

So next time when you read or watch focus on your output.

Watching News

Most of us spend a considerable amount of time before screens so just make sure you watch a bit of news. Now the question that strikes everyone is what type and how much one should watch about 30minutes of news and what’s more important is watching the sort of news that matters as mentioned above to know your output and watching only that particular section avoid gossips on Film Industry or games they waste a lot of precious time.

Economy, policies and Industry

One should certainly have a decent knowledge of economy and industry the knowledge is not only handy in exams but all the discussions eventually come down to economy, policies and effect on industry and you can do the same by reading newspaper based on economy specifically.

Spread it!

When you get to know something new or captivating share it via tweets or discussions this will not only improve your knowledge but also builds your confidence.

Lastly Participate

Whenever you get a chance to participate in discussions or competitions to evaluate your strengths and weakness.


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