How to improve debating skills

Participating in a debate is not all about oratory skills or vocabulary rather the output that one must seek is to express their notions on topic and to understand the opinions of others. The debaters must focus on doing their proper homework as debates are won by putting facts in convincing and appealing manners not by amplitude of voice

Few tips to improve Debating skills:Debate

Start early

‘An early start is half the work done’ so do start early avoid starting for the debate late as it affects your confidence at large try and gather all the factual as well as the theoretical information related to the debate also research the topic in depth to know the pros and cons of topic

Remain Updated

One must update his knowledge on day to day basis as debates are mostly based on current affairs and hot topics hence the knowledge will not only let you put forward your argument rather it also helps you grasp opposition argument quickly and you can again challenge the same by your knowledge level.

Choose wisely

Be very careful while selecting to speak in favor or opposition because you might square yourself up by committing too early without having a concrete idea about the topic. It messes-up the debate also it will kill your enthusiasm and confidence.

Take a lot of views

Taking views of your friends or family members can help you prepare well it gives you a broad idea about the topic and also refines your argument.

Know your opponent

If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles similarly if you know opponents argument you know how to tackle the same  and it will help you score a point furthermore it will improve your knowledge level and you can also extract exact facts that support your argument.

Lastly don’t take the wrong side of an argument just because your opponent has taken the right side.


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