How to crack GD

A Group discussion primarily involves debating, extempore and talk show skills as you need to put forward your voice as in debate, rapid thinking and execution of ideas like extempore and to have patience and listen to what others have to say like talk shows. Group discussion is most extensively used selection criteria both in B schools and MNCs as it offers test of many skills at a time and secondly mass elimination. A few tips on how to Crack GD.

Go Big or Go Home

When you initiate a GD you draw the attention of judges and participants hence if you have the appropriate knowledge speak up and you can control the whole GD but remember if you start and end up speaking something abrupt the loss will be irreparable.


There is nothing in the world as easy as listening but this is the point where most people loose it all because they are not listening they don’t get their turn and are often sway away from the topic. This indeed turns into quick elimination both from the discussion and you know what else.

The World’s watching

Its when you are speaking that you noticed and judged the most hence while you are speaking have eye contact with all the participants, try to build to have a constructive and positive approach towards the discussion because even your get facts and figures right but lack the direction you will be outscored, give chance to others this shows your leadership, communication and management skills.


Now this tip might not be about what to do while you are in but many participants are almost blank about the topic because they just do know what’s going on so do spend 20-25 minutes daily on reading quality newspaper which enhances both your language and vocabulary.

Scoring System

Remember the scoring system involves participation, communication skills, body language, knowledge level, leadership skills and interactive listening. You should try and make a impression in all of then even if you have a high knowledge but your behaviors is rude you are likely to be out of it so be gentle and polite this can really decide the outcome.

Positive and common conclusion

Throughout the GD remember that you all have to come to a common conclusion and on that to a constructive one so every time the discussion sways away from the topic try and focus upon the topic and appreciate participants with constructive conclusion these are of bright prospect.

Lastly Focus on the fact that you do speak for a considerable time and stick to your viewpoint by my experience most people either change their viewpoint continuously or speak too less to be judged.


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