Communication skills are not all about verbal communication it’s the integration of verbal communication, gestures, body language and most important factor is to know what to speak and moreover when to speak. In the era of competition as we may call, handy communication skills can just be your X factor. A few tips on how to Improve Communication Skillcommunication-skillss

Speak up

Most people ask the question how to start it? And the answer is you have already started, it’s important that you speak because that is the only way to practice and enrich your skills, initially its going to take a toll on your confidence but once the hesitancy has gone you will be all fine remember everything that doesn’t kills you makes you stronger.

Read to speak and grow, listen to be heard

People don’t get it at once to speak and to be heard are different acts most can speak but only some are listened, read newspapers and quality books to gain knowledge. Use this knowledge along with patience and you would be heard too.

Non verbal communication

Body language, gestures and eye contact are indeed of vital importance to improve your communication and it completes your communication, when you are speaking have eye contacts in all the sections this will make the communication exciting for listeners and encouraging for you, use gestures to good effect but don’t overdo it and have a positive body language closely monitor your foot, facial expressions while communicating.

Make your body reflect your thoughts

Your body language, gestures, eye contact should reflect your thoughts properly, your body language should be well coordinated with gestures because as you move to the next level all judges judge is your body language, gestures and confidence so rectify and modify your mistakes.


Analysis is the biggest resource to development, try and analyze your performance both yourselves and by friends as it is very important to know the point at which we are lacking to improve ourselves.

Dream big, start small

Take small steps towards accomplishment of your goal but avoid trying too many things at the time focus on getting your content and fluency going at first and then try to build up gestures and eye contact but be aware of the fact that they are merely the starting point and it will take perseverance to reach the goal.

Use I not you

Try and use I while communicating rather than you for example you messed everything

by I feel sick when this happens it avoids allegations and helps you communicate your message with ease.

Lastly don’t forget the fact that the soul of communication is to communicate your thoughts so just convey your thoughts and give due respect to that of others.


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