Movie Review : Table no 21

Table no 21

Cast :  Rajeev Khandelwal, Tena Desae,  Paresh Rawal

Director :Aditya Dutt

Title Table no 21 reflects the ideology given by Article 21 of the constitution. The story of the movie kicks off slowly but as the story progresses it glues audience to their seats with audience continuously thinking of what next. The story is basically a thriller suspense duo  but has a great message for young generation specially for college students to be careful of their actions as they could spoil their life or might ruin others. Rajiv Khandelwal  and Tena Desae form a charming couple showing great chemistry on screen .Paresh Rawal after great acting in OMG does it again single handedly and reminds us of his role in his early carrier of a villain. Major part of movie revolves around the story of Rajeev and his wife and are the central figure in the movie .Finally Aditya Dutt finds a movie to be proud of, this low budget  movie is packed with entertainment, thriller and a good movie to watch with friends . Though the writing of movie is ordinary but it has been plotted in an interesting way  and the story seems unpredictable till the last and it has been written well to cover the suspense till last. The song Man Mera  is nicely sung by Gajendra and is receiving appreciation from all around.

Rating : 3.5/5


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