Movie Review :Race 2

Rating :

As expected, the duo, Abbas Mastan  delivered it again by presenting yet another suspense packed action movie Race 2, infact they did justice to the title Race by maintaining suspense and action of the Race 1.Talking about the story, it runs pretty fast in the first half and then slows a bit in the second half, but the story line of the movie is weak compared to the previous one. The movie is directed in exotic locations showing some of the best hotels and locations of Istanbul along with best cars on the globe.The movie is full of twist and turns, which sometimes turns the story upside down, the character played by Anil Kapoor throws double meaning jokes at regular time just to ensure that the atmosphere in the theatre remains light in midst of tricks played  by both John and Saif on each other.As always Atif’s songs tops the chart list . The main plot of the movie is about Ranveer’s(Saif) desire of taking revenge from Armaan(John) and to take away his money.Definitely one can say that Race 2 is a one time watch.


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