How to face Interview


Job Interviews are nothing short of a nerve wracking experience for the applicants and rejection in previous attempts further worsens the case. Basically it is all about knowing your strength, weakness and staying cool, calm and confident. In this article we will discuss how to go about your interview.

Know your employer

It is indeed of significant importance to know the history of the organization, core values and principal of the organization. Study the products of the company or the projects of the company closely to understand the working culture also do a bit research on the organization to know your expected salary and role in the organization. Apply only if the role and salary meet your current worth in their organization.

Listen carefully, speak confidently

Listen every question carefully most trick questions have their answers in the question itself further it reflects concentration and focus. In case you have not heard the question clearly don’t be shy to ask for it. Confidence is a key ingredient the employers seek as it suggests attributes like communication skills and knowledge level.

Body Language

Your body language conveys a lot of information and speaks volumes about you keep the following points in mind

  1. Shake hand when you enter and exit interview.
  2. Maintain Eye contact
  3. Sit straight and feet grounded.
  4. Control your gestures.

Be well dressed and prepared

Dresses professionally for interview avoid jeans, t-shirts.

Know everything about your CV event the most intricate detail should be intact.

A few Quick tips

Be early

Respect the panel

Think positively and reflect the same in answers

Avoid lies

Lastly remember that you are able and even in case you find it going wrong don’t let your temper get the better for you. Keep working hard and you will end up on the right side of things.



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