How to gain extra time and energy

Looking for a bit of extra time and energy this stuff is just for you. It’s very important to have a short term goal and a long term aim but with one eye on target and other on process you are going to make it far what’s more important is to enjoy the process, to enrich each and every par of your life. A few tips to enhance your daily experience to help you gain more energy and time

“Early bird catches the worm”, so start your day early and you will have time to set your priorities, time for health, time for family and perhaps the most important that time of the day when you have maximum energy and minimum stress ideal for a good exercise and to plan your day ahead, get your jobs done also you might catch a worm (where worm is a problem enjoy the lighter side) and rectify the same.

Take a brisk walk, laugh

If you don’t have enough time for the gym or exercise just have a brisk walk preferably in a green space for about 20 minutes but remember brisk. Laughter exercise for at least 2 minutes, this laughter will recharge you energy level and set the tone for rest of the day.

Eat fresh and early

Prefer vegetarian food over non-vegetarian it helps you stay focused and provides more energy to your body. Don’t eat after 8 as you will not be able to digest the food properly and further will lead to diseases.

Beware of people who waste your time

You must have come across people who waste your time or are often late for meetings and other scenarios where your time is lost, we all are aware of the fact that you can’t buy time so don’t let people eat your time don’t let them have your share of time. Instead utilize this time for self reflection and constructive activities.

Commit Time not Money for family.

Most work hard for their family to provide them better allowances, but what most miss out is on the amount of time you spend with your family remember you will be remembered for the time you spent and not money with your family, life is best enjoyed with a family not money with incomplete family.

Lastly do find some time for leisure it rejuvenates you and further focus on education rather than entertainment it will do great deeds for you.


2 thoughts on “How to gain extra time and energy

  1. This is all very good advice. I’ve personally helped out my own time management and focus by exercising each day and eating a healthy breakfast as soon as I wake up. It really keeps my mind clear and keeps my energy going. I also like the thought about committing time not money to family.

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