Transparent 3-D Computer

A new transparent 3-D computer which will allow its users to touch digital content was unveiled recently at the Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) conference in Los Angeles.This computer called the Space Top 3D desktop is the result of Jinha Lee’s mind. He has been working on this computer in collaboration with Microsoft over a long time.The whole idea is to make computing more intuitive by allowing people to interact with the computer as they do with solid objects. The system consists of a
transparent LED display with built-in cameras, which track the user’s gestures and eye movements.The design is said to be inspired by what lee calls the need of the hour,to interact with things.
Spatial memory,wherein the body intuitively remembers where things are,a normal human calibre is one of the key feature which will help in translating to the digital world and help users to use the machine more effectively and for complex purposes.In this computer user can pick up a document and flip through it.The machine also has a touch pad which will fesalitate tasks where hand gestures won’t be accurate.


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