Movie Review: Fast & Furious 6

Director: Justin Lin

Cast: Vin Diesel, Dwayne Jhonson, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriquez

With the Fast & Furious series movies’ latest part i.e. the 6th one, Director Justin Lin not only lived up to the benchmark of the series movies but also succeeded in creating higher standards for the upcoming sequels, with the series’ reputation one would exoect cars blazing up in secs with NOS going all around, some of the finest cars crashing down, demolished in mins and some of the best car chase , but this time director managed to make it even bigger with the use of tanks & airbus destroying all around the lanes and viewers feel as if they were playing some real life video game crushing every other vehicle coming their way. Cinematography is the soul of the movie with some of the best lanes picturised with some beautiful aerial shots and covering the finest chases with nice creativity.

The plot of the movie continues from the prequel, Dom and his team after the Rio De Janerio caper were living a lavish life until Fedral Agent Hobbs bothers Dom with recent pics of his dead girlfriend Lettie and forces him to unite his team once again to combat Shaw, who has become a potential threat to European Nations, the movie continues with Dom and Shaw playing tricks on each other and finally ending with Dom getting her lover back and Hobbs completing his duty.

The movie has a lot to teach with primary focus on strength is in unity and working as a team never lets one down, with good action and some humor to ease off the tension , the movie is a must watch!!!


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