The U.S Elections: What’s the significance?

The elections in the United States of America are soon to be held. These elections are significant as these are meant to choose the President of the most powerful nation of the world.

Why is it significant?

Historical dimension:

  • Post-1945, that is,the end of the Second World war the world was bipolar-influenced by two super powers, namely, The Soviet Union and The United States.
  • The end of the cold war era was marked in the year 1991, with the disintegration of the Soviet Union.
  • This led to the emergence of the United States as the only global superpower.
  • This was the beginning of the Unipolar era with the U.S dominance all across the globe.

Economic dimension:

  • Post -1991 era was also called the era of neo-colonialism.
  • As the U.S was the only superpower, it was able to assert its will in the global economic sphere.
  • The end of socialism was marked by the end of the Soviet Union and capitalism and liberal economics began to penetrate through various developing nations(including India).
  • Neo-colonialism refers to the phenomena of asserting one’s will in economic(and other such as political, cultural etc.) sphere to persuade another nation(particularly, the former dependencies) to get them in-line according to one’s own interest.
  • Also, today, the financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund(IMF) and World Bank, which play an important role in alleviating the poverty of developing and Least Developed Countries, tackles BoP(Balance of Payments: net of imports and exports) crisis etc.,  are influenced by the U.S.
  • U.S is a huge investor and trade partner all across the globe. It has also led the regional groupings like Trans-Pacific Partnership(T.P.P) among others.
  • The international organizations like the World Trade Organization(WTO), are dominated by the U.S . This affects the international policies in different sectors including agriculture, industry and service sectors.
  • The new regime will be expected to bring about a more democratic change in the global economic policies. So , these elections are significant from an economic point of view.

Geopolitical dimension:

  • This is quite an important dimension and has an inter-linkage with the other dimensions whether economic or strategic.
  • As we mentioned earlier, post-1991, the world became a unipolar world.
  • The U.S thus began its ‘campaign’ to assert its dominance all across the globe, all of which gave some or the other advantage to the U.S itself. Some examples include invasion of Iraq(for oil), deployment of troops in Afghanistan(resources and hegemony in Asia), unrest in Syria amongst others.
  • One of the hot topics of presidential debates has been that on the policies of the U.S in the Middle East or Asia or any other such important region.
  • The United States, due to these campaigns has suffered severe setbacks in its own economic progress.
  • Thus, a new regime ‘may’ bring new policies which ‘may’ address the aggression of these campaigns with calmness and so the elections are globally significant.

Ecological dimension:

  • There has been quite a time when debate on emissions(meaning, emissions of Greenhouse gases) reduction began.
  • Even now the developed countries led by the United States refuse to take the primary historical responsibility in the reduction of the emissions.
  • It is clear that they are primarily responsible for emissions as they were the first to be industrialized.
  • The recent climate summit(the Paris Summit), though, talked about this historical responsibility of the developed nations, it didn’t give a clear assertion.
  • Also, as a pro-active measure, they need to provide technological assistance to the developing nations and the Least Developed Countries(LDC) to ensure lesser emission reductions by them.
  • The new regime, thus, needs to ensure a clarity in the approach to be followed in this direction. The U.S action would be a precedent for other nations who will then follow the suit.
  • Thus, the elections of the U.S matters from this dimension as well.

Concluding, we can say that the elections to choose the POTUS(President of the United States) are a globally significant one and thus, many countries might be looking forward to it.




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