All about the Surgical Strikes by India in the PoK


  • India, recently, accomplished successfully an operation in which the army carried out surgical strikes on the terror bases in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir(PoK).
  • It is considered to be a retaliation to the consecutive attacks(Gurdaspur, Pathankot, and Uri) by the terrorists which are breeding in this region.

What is a surgical strike?:

An attack imposed on a specific target without causing much damage to the nearby areas.

Where was India’s surgical strike targeted?

It was targeted on the launching pads of the terrorist groups in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir(PoK).

Nature of the surgical strike:

The surgical strike was pre-emptive in nature, that is, rather than defensive. Pre-emptive means an attack which is meant to defeat a perceived imminent offense.

On what basis did India launch this attack:

Indian intelligence agencies gave feeds regarding an imminent threat from the terror groups in the PoK. Also, repeated cases of cross-border infiltration and terrorism urged India to take retaliative measures.


  • Pakistan specific
    • After consecutive attacks from the terror groups sponsored by Pakistan, it was a much-needed step at this point of time.
    • It was an indication of the fact that the threshold of the tolerance of the Indian side has been reached and the time of retaliation has arrived.
    • Strategically sound : As it can get together the countries affected by same terrorist outfits. These include Afghanistan and Iran in the vicinity.Also ,the Western Nations like U.K, France, and the U.S are affected by this. This could help in isolation of Pakistan.
  • General:
    • An important step against rising terrorism.
    • India’s action would be a precedent for many other countries who have been affected by cross-border infiltration and terror.

Pakistan’s objections:

Pakistan objected to the claims of surgical strikes by India in PoK region. It is unfortunate that Pakistan has yet again failed to take the help of logics and reasoning while objecting to India’s action impulsively .What does it mean? Let us see from a sarcastic lens:

  • Pakistan earlier claimed that it is also a victim of terrorism breeding in its own  country.
  • If India conducts a surgical strike and kills some of the terrorist launching pads, it is advantageous not only to India but also to Pakistan.
  • So, the point is Pakistan is regretting at the fact that now those terrorists will not be able to attack them anymore.

As is known well to all, Pakistan is a state which sponsors terrorism for long. A strike by India actually created a huge setback to its intentions of infiltration and proxy wars in India’s state of J &K.

Is it good to reveal the proof of the strike?:

  • A few sides have started to ask for proofs of the strike.
  • Shameful though , the Indian army has okayed the demand of revealing the video footage of surgical strike, the government is still reluctant to do so. This stance of the government can be well justified on the grounds of security and strategic concerns surrounding the revelation.
  • The better way would be to show reveal the video given by the army to the government to the parliamentary Committee on defence.

What lies ahead?:

  • A number of countries which are affected by Islamic terrorism in particular must come ahead with India.
  • Joint efforts to uproot these terror groups and fight against cross-border infiltration and terrorism must be taken.
  • When any such action is taken at international level, Pakistan either has to come ahead to support these efforts or get isolated.

Conducting surgical strikes was a step in the right direction and more such strikes would be welcome until unless the terror breeds in any region within or near the Indian territory.






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