Objective Current Affairs dose(Q and A format)

1.) United Nations General Secretary:

Q.)Why in news ?

A.)New UNGS has been appointed recently.

Q.)What is the name of the General Secretary?

A.)Antonio Guterres(Former Head of Portugal )

Q.) How is a UN General Secretary appointed?:

A.) Two bodies have a role here: The United Nations Security Council(UNSC) and UN General Assembly(UNGA). According to Article 97 of the UN charter(a code which governs the functioning of UN and its organs), UNGS is appointed by the UNGA on the recommendation of UNSC.

Q.)What is the term of the General Secretary?

A.) 5 Years. It is extendable conventionally up to 2 terms.

Q.)By the way, who did Antonio succeed?

A.) Ban-ki Moon.

Q.)What are the powers of the Secretary General?:

A.)He/She is the “chief administrative officer” of the organization who shall perform such other functions as entrusted to him in that capacity by any UN organs like UNSC among others (Source:www.un.org) .

2.)Global Hunger Index

Q.)Why in news?

A.)Recent rankings revealed.

Q.)Who releases this index?:

A.)International Food Policy Research Institution(IFPRI).

Q.)What are the parameters of calculation?:

A.)It takes four considerations(with weightage):

  • Undernourished Population(1/3rd).
  • Child wasting(1/6th). (wasting means low weight for height).
  • Child stunting.(1/6th)(stunting means low height for age).
  • Infant Mortality rate(1/3rd).

Q.)What is the scale of rating?

A.)It is calculated at a scale of 100, 100 being the worst and 0 the best.

Q.)Where does India stand?

A.) At 97 out of 118 countries. India’s hunger situation is described as “serious”.

Q.)What are the key findings with respect to India?

A.)Following are a few important findings w.r.t India:

  •  15% of under-5 children are wasted and 39% are stunted.
  • Under -5 mortality rate is 4.8%.
  • 15% of the population is undernourished.

Q.)Why India ranks so low?

A.)The reasons are:

  • Inadequate health care services, that is ,lack of access and affordability.
  • Lack of sanitation facilities.
  • Poverty and unemployment.
  • Lack of safe drinking water.

Q.)What about India’s position vis-a-vis other nations?

A.)All the neighbours of India ,except Pakistan, are placed above India. These include Sri Lanka(84), Nepal(72), Bangladesh(90), Myanmar(75) and China(29).



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