How to gain greater productivity at work?

With the surge of work in our lives ,productivity has gain utmost importance. However, despite knowing this fact, we fail to gain the coveted levels of productivity in our lives.In general terms, productivity can be defined as the amount of output that you are giving or work you are doing in a given period of time.

First, we must know what are key components of a productive life. These are enumerated below:

  • Discipline(This must at the core of everything you do).
  • Concentration .
  • Focus.
  • Will Power.
  • Time and Energy Management.

Keeping these in mind, we have enlisted a few methods and required actions in order to gain greater productivity in one’s life:

  • The toughest game is the game of mind : Avoid distractions 
    • In this age of Kaliyuga getting distracted is the easiest thing to do.
    • You have Youtube, Facebook, Whatsapp, Movies among others which may easily distract you from your defined duty.
    • When this happens you: a.)Lose your time b.)Lose your energy c.)are deviated from the task in hand, thus losing focus.
    • When you get back to work–>a.)you have lesser time b.)lesser energy c.)lesser concentration of your mind.
    • Ways to do that:
      • Practice Will Power development:
        • For this, make a checklist on a paper or an app.
        • Now, you have a fixed period of time in which you have to complete these tasks.
        • Write in a prioritized manner.
        • Start working and achieving your targets of the day.
        • Honestly, each tick mark gives you a sense of satisfaction and motivation to work more.
        • This also helps you to make decisions while in a dilemma. This is because you now know that you have ‘x’ number of tasks to do which may take ‘t’ amount of time. You will make a decision which is in-line with your targets.
      • Along with this, learn to say “NO” to whatever deviates you from you task.
      • Breathe deeply with eyes closed as and when you think your mind is taking you in irrelevant directions or chattering a lot.
      • Choose a good productive activity like writing/blogging or any other such hobby along with your main task in hand. This will lighten the mind while also help in avoiding unproductive activities.
  • Rationalize your Eating and Sleeping habits:
    • Here, we would share the translation of a verse from the Bhagwad Gita:

        “Those who eat too much or too little, who sleep too much or too little, will not succeed in meditation.But those who are temperate in eating and sleeping, work and recreation will come to the end of sorrow through meditation“.

    • Thus, the Bhagwad Gita warns against extremes in the habits of eating and sleeping as it affects the focus or meditation capacity of your mind.
    • It can even be understood in general terms:
      • Sleeping and eating too less : Lesser energy to do work.
      • Sleeping and Eating too much: Laziness and channelization of energy in digestion process respectively. Again, lesser work.
    • Ways to deal:
      • Eating:
        • Prefer less oily stuff.
        • At times when you feel hungry, prefer fruits(or juices) and dry fruits over other things.
        • Lighten your dinner a bit.
        • Try to avoid non-vegetarian stuff if possible.
      • Sleeping:
        • Period: 6-8 hours for adults(Bhagwad Gita says “6” hours of sleeping is enough).
        • Early to bed, Early to rise” principle must be inculcated. Early morning is quite blissful to add to your exuberance.
    • But, what if I feel like sleeping during the course of the day?
      • In the middle of the day, just to give yourself a break and recharge your mind, take a 15-20 minutes power nap(at max 30 minutes).
      • Breathe well in the course of the nap.
      • Do not extend the time more than 30 minutes. It will make you lazy and also make you feel guilty.
  • A healthy body leads to healthy mind
    • So true. Your body contains your mind. The contained will remain healthy only when the container is healthy.
    • Physical exercise is the best way to keep your body fit and healthy.
    • And if it is followed by a breathing exercise like Pranayama , then it adds much more to your energy reserves as well as mental concentration.
    • When to do it?:
      • Early morning:
        • Run/Jog/Brisk walk.
        • It wakes up your mind.
        • The air of the early morning has its own bliss and freshness which gives you a great enthusiasm.
        • Gives you a positive nudge to work at the beginning of the day.
      • Evening time:
        • You can pursue a sport for evening.
        • Can even jog/walk .
        • Recharges you brain after its drain at work.
  • *Living in the present moment:
    • Lord Buddha said : “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future ,concentrate the mind on the present moment”.
    • The golden words of Buddha are full of pragmatism.
    • This is the simplest way you could meditate, that is, by comtemplating your mind on the work that you do.(Sounds easy but takes whole lot of effort).
    • Thinking of the past is a disease. Thinking of the future results is also not of much use. Bhagwad Gita also says – ” karmanye vadhi karaste, maphaleshu kadachan, makarmaphalheturbhur, matesangostva karmani” –> in short–>focus on work and not on results. (for detailed understanding: 2.47)
    • So, channelize your energy in the moment in hand and you will realize that you have infinite energy with you.
    • Ways:
      • Practice: Try to keep your mind on the work you are doing. Swami Vivekananda’s one of the methods of meditation explains this.
      • Meditation:
        • Breathing an focusing on breathe.
        • Chanting(a mantra like Aum(OM)).
        • Stressing on the centre of your forehead.
  • *Last, but not the least – Checking one’s sexual desires and activities:
    • The highest desire of this material world as also corroborated by the Indian philosophies like Bhagwad Gita is the sexual desire.
    • Even a thought of sex gets you in an excited state, thus, draining an ample amount of your energy.
    • When this desire culminates into an action of any kind, you fall down to the animal category who sought momentary pleasure. This affects your intelligence, energy and focus and in turn your productivity.
    • Swami Vivekananda said that checking one’s sexual desire(attaining Brahmacharya) develops Ojas in our mind which gives us transcendental mental capacity and thus, productivity.
    • Thus, checking sexual desire and becoming a real human being is the need of the hour.
    • In order to do this, an effective way would be to channelize your thoughts and attention to creative, reading books(self-help), reading texts which make you feel a human being–.may include–>spiritual texts like Bhagwad Gita, Buddhism books or maybe some self-help books like The Monk who sold his Ferrari which teaches you the way to live.

To be honest, these are just a few ways to gain greater productivity in your life. It is quite subjective and thus each and every individual has his/her own way to gain them. Honestly, only he/she can identify better “what gets them productivity”. Still, we believe this article will help you in some or other way.

Have a productive life ahead.


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