Nagrota: The attacks continue…

Yet another blatant attack from the state-sponsored terrorist groups from Pakistan on one of out military bases.After Gurdaspur ,Pathankot and Uri, the terrorists have attacked Nagrota base has been attacked by the terrorists killing and injuring a few army personnel.

Image result for nagrota attacks

Who is responsible for these attacks?

  • Terrorists who are breeding in the so-called Pakistan-occupied Kashmir(PoK).
  • It is clear from multiple intelligence reports and investigations that the Pakistani army and intelligence agency(ISI) is covertly (and even overtly) offering their support to these terrorists in the form of weapon , military training among others.

Why bases of armed forces are being targeted?

  • They try to pose a clear challenge to the defense and security of our country.
  • It can be  a message that ” We would paralyze the security and sovereignty of your country and then the very existence of your country, you do whatever you can”.

Why is India failing to counter them?:

There are multiple reasons,  a few in our hands while a few not so:

  • Not in our hands:
    • Difficult terrain in the hilly region through which terrorists can infiltrate easily.
  • In our hands:
    • Lack of an objective National Security Doctrine which would lay down the prevention and response in case of any sensed threat.
    • Lack of co-ordination and also a trust-deficit between intelligence agencies on one side and government and armed forces on the other.
    • No specialized forces to deal with this specific problem.
    • Technological interventions though have increased but still have not achieved the satisfactory level.

Why does Pakistan support them?

  • If we go back to the history, Pakistan had been pushing its claim for the possession of Kashmir since its birth.
  • Though the claim is based upon its “Muslim-majority” formula , objectively it belongs to India as the erstwhile King of Kashmir Raja Hari Singh signed an “Instrument of Accession with India”.
  • But, the objective of Pakistan seems to be something based on its ideology and religious propositions.
  • Army of Pakistan has these words in its motto: “Jihad fi Sabilillah”  .Thus, it seems that even if we give Kashmir to Pakistan(which we will never), its “armed struggle” will not end against “infidels”. (However, Jihad is a highly pure concept to make Islam-one of the purest religion to masses. But, unfortunately ,it is misconceived to culminate into violent tendencies).

How could we tackle them?:

  • First to be mentioned(as was endorsed with vigor by masses) is Surgical Strike on the terror base camps and also launch pads. This could shake the confidence of the terror groups.
  • Evolution of a new National Security Doctrine which would clearly define the line of action in case of any emergency situation of threat.
  • Employment of better technologies like flashlights, UAVs, laser systems across the border which could better the surveillance system and check cross-border terrorism.

Shall the issue of Kashmir be internationalized?

  • Pakistan tries to do such mischiefs quite often(due to a lesser understanding of the basics of international politics). Pakistan is a “rogue” kind of nation.
  • On the other hand , India is a much more sensible nation and has to take every step with critical analysis considering that whether any step so taken does not make it fall to such the level of a “rogue” nation.
  • Kashmir is a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan and has to be resolved with bilateral efforts.

What other options India has to assert pressure on Pakistan?:

  • Controlling Indus Waters to pressurize Pakistan. India has an advantage of being an upper riparian river. Though the Indus Water Treaty of 1960 puts an obligation on especially, India to ensure proper water flow to Pakistan, India could still divert it for its own purpose while ensuring abiding by the treaty (Kishanganga project provides an example).
  • Economic sanctions by revoking the MFN status by upholding the “security” exception.
  • India needs to gather the world community in its favor. This could exert some pressure on Pakistan. India is currently following an “isolation” policy against Pakistan.
  • In return of Pakistan’s Kashmir card, India could continue to counter it with the Balochistan card(but, without direct intervention).

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