Winter Special: Chawal Raabdi with “Tadka”



Chawal Raabdi


  • Ingredients:
    • Basic preparation:
      • Curd: 2 cups.
      • Cream(Malai): 1/2 cup.
      • Milk: 1 cup.
      • Wheat Flour: 2 Table Spoon
      • Rice: 2 Table Spoon.
      • Water: 1.5 litre.
      • Salt: 2 Tea Spoon.
    • For “Tadka“:
      • Ghee: 2 Table Spoon.
      • Cumin Seeds: 1 Table Spoon.


  • Procedure:
    • In the given quantity of curd, add cream, milk ,and wheat flour.
    • Now, beat it till it becomes smooth.
    • Add the given quantity of rice.
    • Boil the given amount of water.
    • In the boiled water add the mixture prepared in the first step. Continue to stir it till the mixture boils.
    • Add the given quantity of salt.
    • Now, on a low flame, cook it for 1 to 1.5 hours.
    • Stir it at regular intervals in between.
    • For Tadka:
      • Heat the ghee .
      • Add cumin seeds.
      • As the seeds start to crackle, add this to the Raabdi prepared above.
      • Now, boil the Raabdi again for 5 minutes.

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