‘Divided’ yet ‘United’

This is a contribution by Pawan Purbia. 

We live in a world captivated by digital devices wherein we see what we wish to, we hear what we want to. But there lies the apathy of those, we can’t see… the cry and woes of those we can’t hear.

The day civilisations were born, early men decided to live out of the forest in the way that has led us to here, what we call a modern world which has been contributed by innumerable intellectuals. Slowly as we progressed, all the ancient teachings diluted to the forms as we know today. We became a “Modern world with ancient thoughts” i.e. without comprehending the reasons which existed then we made societal laws governed by them. We never stood for a moment to amend them for better. For those who tried doing it couldn’t reach out to every nook and corner of India even after 69 years of independence. One of those issues is caste discrimination. As I sit today writing, thinking about what I have been observing while reading “The Immortals of Meluha” I was stuck by this thought that ancestors bought caste system in place for a reason.

Caste system was brought when civilised system was born with people divided into four varnas as we know today as Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Shudras based on the occupation or the duties they performed. Each sect was assigned a particular duty not because they were superior or demeaned compared to somebody else but because they were good at it. Like Khastriyas were meant to protect the kingdom, Brahmins to guide people into religious and spiritual practices so as to build morale values. Vaishyas to connect with the other kingdoms and bring business while shudras to look out for public facilities and serve the work of other varnas of the kingdom. Slowly, with time some sects started believing themselves to be far superior compared to others due to intellect or physical force they possessed. The dark side is then if those people would not have been there, we would not have existed till date and would have returned back to forests. For eg. imagine your unhygienic life style without a sweeper. The society we see today is the gift of their efforts and there obligation to the duty they performed but what we gave to them  in return was far more dangerous than killing as some say that insult kills somebody daily compared to killing them actually.

I will include one incident being a part of an organisation which relocates us to site as per the requirement there is this guy who used to clean the office. Gradually we came to know about his talent of cooking that he could make 52 type of dosas and much more. Quite fascinated, we did what most of us would have done.  He has been a caretaker to us from then having made some very delicious things. Until a day the “Panch” of the village came up to us and asked how could we keep this guy who is a “Dalit”. To which I replied he has been like a mother to us, do not say a word now. A society wherein the leaders are so foolish can never build a society that Ram might have wanted to build then.

We are not going forward unless with stop thinking backward. There might be so many incidents around us too but we ignore them living our life already preoccupied.  Having an intention to change them but doing nothing is the panorama that exists all around.  For those who really want to contribute instead of blaming politicians and the system of how wrong they are it’s time to give those people suitable replies and even change our perception towards humanity. Then only we can be an instrument of change in making India great again which is not possible without the accomplishment of the basic thing that defines us as “Unity in Diversity”.





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