Who is responsible for girl’s un-safety?

Yet another case of molestation came to light, this time in Bengaluru when on the eve of New Year, a girl was forced for “unwanted” favors by the two scooter-driven men.

After the December 2012 grave incident, popularly known as the Nirbhaya casethe situation of girl safety and security was expected to improve. However, the figures do not corroborate with these expectations.

According to the National Crime Record Bureau(NCRB), the rape cases registered in the year 2015 figured at 34,651.  As per multiple studies including that of United Nations, more than 50% of such crimes are never reported. Taking the latter fact into account, the figure of actual rape cases is considerably enhanced.

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This poses a question on not just the administration for being evasive of its duty but also to the citizens who probably never stepped out of their narrow circle of thinking.

Keeping aside the administration’s fault(which we know is grave and can’t be ignored), the role of citizens has also to play a major role here. The reason why the female is still treated as a means and not as an end lies in the mindset of the people of this very society who have never been able to step out of their limited scope of thinking especially when it comes to girls.

A movie called Pink released in the second half of 2016. The movie was a true reflection of the stereotyping and backward perceptions that prevail when it comes to girls. Respected Amitabh Bachchan who played a lawyer, through his dialogues, compiled a “The Rule Book of the Girls safety manual”. These rules reflect the “broad” mindset of this society. These are:

  • Don’t stay out late.
  • Don’t spend time with boys.
  • Don’t wear small clothes. 
  • Don’t smile when you talk to boys.
  • Don’t be independent.
  • Don’t drink with boys or do not accompany them for a dinner.

Because if you do any of these you are “meant” to face the “consequences” and here the person at the receiving end and the perpetrator will be the same , that is, the girl as “she was the one” who “intimidated” the boy to do what he does in this “course”.

These are the points which speak aloud that the “character” of a girl is judged at every point of her life and so “she” has to be cautious in her actions.

Sometimes it seems like a joke to even say that we are living in a progressive society. If this is called progress, then “progress doesn’t hold well for the girls”


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