How overindulgence in sex is destructive and How to get rid of it?

The desire for sex is broadly recognized as the highest desire of this material world. This is a desire which is not developed separately but is innate within a human being. After a certain age, generally, 16(in some cases even early), the propensity towards indulgence in sexual acts grows in magnitude.

When an adolescent once takes mental and physical cognizance of such an act, it slowly and gradually grows into a habit and then an addiction. Generally, an addiction is developed when the senses find extreme pleasure in a kind of indulgence. This happens with cocaine, alcohol, tobacco and of course sex.

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Now, after this stage when you have been caught up in the addiction of sexual pleasure,  lead yourself to a path where you seek “unlimited sensual pleasure”. This is where your transition from a human to a beast begins. Various signs that you will begin to notice when you are on this path are:

  • Loss of focus and concentration.
  • Weakened memory.
  • Fatigue.
  • Asperity.
  • Lack of patience.
  • Impulsiveness.
  • Negative aggression.
  • Lack of poise.
  • Regular and unregulated flow of thoughts, that is, lack of mental stability(monkey mind phenomena).

Then comes a kind of realization point. You begin to realize that it’s wrong and has to be stopped. The moment you take a resolve to get away with it, the desire grips you even tighter. Analogically, it’s like a bog. More you try to escape tighter does it hold you. So, now you are in the state of awareness of your addiction.

This addiction grows with time even after a myriad of efforts from your side to get away with it. Some who are highly aware of the negative impact that this has created, try to search different ways out of it. Even if one of their “discovered” methods fails to deliver, they keep on exploring the other ways till they finally succeed.

Some ways to get rid of this desire which are available in open source are:

  • Meditation:
    • It is the contemplation of one’s mind on a particular object.
    • The object of meditation could be internal as well as external.
    • Internal meditation requires much practice and training to attain the desired state. But it is much more effective than the external one.
    • As the sexual act/desire is the desire of body or senses, it can be best countered by something which is not “external” and thus, internal meditation can be helpful.
    • This may include:
  • Spiritual activities:
    • Spirituality is a pole opposite to that of sex as it is the enrichment of the soul or spirit rather than body.
    • The spiritual activities change one’s taste and make the sensual pleasures detesting.
    • It may include reading religious texts, chanting Holy mantras among others.
  • Sex Transmutation:
    • This technique has been mentioned in the book called Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill.
    • According to Hill, the desire for sex arouses our mind to the state of highest frequency vibrations.
    • These vibrations could be leveraged upon by replacing the thoughts of sex with that of your other material desires like that of money, luxury etc.
    • This, according to him, can help you channelize your sexual desires for achieving the riches.
  • Eat less, Eat Live and Exercise daily:
    • Eating greater quantity of food leads to the production of more semen.
    • This when reaches a certain level has the tendency of getting released.
    • This tendency, in turn, acts as a stimulant for the mind to perform a sexual act.
    • If you eat too much the tendencies will be higher, thus, you should limit our eating.
    • Also, eating dead foods(non-veg) inculcates animal-like tendencies(eating, sleeping, mating)and thus, complete or greater reliance on a vegetarian diet would better serve the purpose.
    • Exercising daily, preferably, early morning would balance the energy to normal levels, thus lowering such tendencies.
  • The Golden rule of Habit:
    • Charles Duhhig in his book Power of Habit explains the golden rule of habit through a habit loop.
    • It has three components, namely, Cue, Routine and Reward.
    • Cue is the stimulant which pushes us to act in a particular way subconsciously, that is, following a routine.
    • When you follow the routine, you get a reward.
    • Examples: DRUG intake:
      • Cue: maybe stress/depression or pleasure among others.
      • Routine: Drug intake.
      • Reward: pleasure(mental and physical).
    • Now, in the case of sex, you have to identify the cue. Routine is a kind of sexual act while the reward is the sensual pleasure.
    • In order to get rid of an addiction, the routine has to be replaced by some act which gives a similar reward.
    • So, cue here could be : talks on the subject, ostentatious displays, stress, boredom among others.
    • Some work has to be done on the routine part. A changed routine which could give you mental as well as physical pleasure may include: playing your favorite sport, pursuing your hobby, talking to a friend or family member and many such other things.
    • So, now when you get a cue, follow a changed routine rather than the older one(sexual act).
  • Some other things to be taken care of:
    • Avoid the company(friends/colleagues) which could stimulate you to perform such an act.
    • Talk about sex rarely, but as a natural process and not as a “pleasure activity”.
    • Avoid facing the sources which lead to such a stimulation. It may be a video or an image among others.
    • In case you come across a situation when you are stimulated, then perform either of the above methods or start doing some kind of exercise so that your energy is released considerably reducing the scope of getting succumbed to the animal desire.

The purpose of this article is not to voice against sex completely but to bring to light the disastrous consequences if it is not regulated.


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