Pro-Health: Indian Gooseberry(Amla) Laddu

Image result for amla ladoo


  • Indian gooseberries(Amla): 500 grams.
  • Sugar: 400 grams.
  • Grinded Almonds: 50 grams.
  • Grated Coconut: 25 grams.
  • Gulkand: 25 grams.
  • Ghee: 2 Table Spoon.


  • Boil the gooseberries in a cooker(till 1 whistle).
  • Take out the seeds from it and grind it(amla) in a mixer.
  • In a pan, cook the Amla with ghee till it becomes thick.
  • Add sugar and cook till it becomes dryish.
  • Switch off the stove. Now, add grated coconut and Gulkand.
  • Make small laddus out of it.
  • Roll the balls in the coconut(grinded) ->Optional.

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